It is shiokichi homepage.

A greeting

DSC-00002“It is not that it is too use with care , that you too can be the attention is not ” what you have learned through their work and I learned the hard way that . Due to the nature are dealing with raw ones , such as the pain of product I am very careful .

Things that we aim

Where Shiokichi aim is that you get a word of ” was delicious ” of those who had eaten . That is the eternal challenge imposed on any age unchanging also Shiokichi . Fruit in Shiokichi ‘s will aim to assortment which you could say always delicious .

Founded 125 years of long-established

1889 Shiokichi was founded in ( 1889 ) to Kasamatsu Honcho , the transition from the sale of dry matter to the sale of fruits and vegetables , is currently sells fruit only . Now also unchanging place , I am inherited solemnly thoughts of founder ( Komiyama ) .

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